Creating A Remarkable Cocktail Wedding Venue Reception

Cocktail wedding venue hire have become extremely popular over the years and are regarded as upscale and classy. Yet this type of wedding option costs significantly less when compared to a traditional wedding, while still providing guests with a traditional type of after-the ceremony feel. These cocktail receptions assist in creating a social and relaxed atmosphere. Here are a few essential tips for having a fantastic “cocktail” wedding reception.


Choose a location that features a space that is adequate for the number of guests you plan on inviting to your cocktail wedding venue today. Choosing a location that is too small can lead to frustrated guests who will find it difficult to mingle. A location that is not suitable can also result in waiting staff that find it difficult to serve drinks and hors d’ oeuvres. In addition, smaller spaces can generate heat which will make the venue stuffy and uncomfortably warm. On the other hand avoid selecting a venue that is too large, where there are fewer guests as the venue will appear empty and sparse.


When planning your cocktail party the ideal times would be between 4pm to 7pm. If you plan the event earlier your guests will usually not feel like eating and planning the event later means your guests will be expecting a full course meal. Cocktail wedding venue events are usually only around 3 hours, because finger food and cocktails take far less time compared to a traditional sit-down dinner.


For these types of events, decorations should be minimal, as the venue is already unique enough in order to set the right tone and mood. If you have decided on a few chairs and tables, use candles to set a magical atmosphere. In addition, bud vases that feature single-stem flowers are ideal for creating glamour to this special occasion. Try to keep it simple and consider using a good quality napkin with the wedding date and your names on them for that extra special touch. Use an ice-sculpture to the bar-area for the final touches of the perfect cocktail party.


If you decide to choose a “signature” drink for your special day, make sure you plan the food menu to match up with the drinks. The general rule for an occasion that lasts 2 hours should include at least 6 different hors d’ oeuvres, and a 3 hour party should include a minimum of 9 hors d’ oeuvres. Of course it is always advisable to add in more variety.

Make sure you select finger foods that will vary in style, shape, color and flavor. In addition, provide stylish cocktail forks, for those food items that are difficult to eat with your fingers.

Ensure that you let your guests know on their invitations that you plan on a “cocktail reception.” This will let your guests know how they should dress in the correct manner as well as advising them that your wedding will not be offering a sit down meal.